A simple demonstration of GASP’s Guitarpeggiator

There’s three AmbiX files available here to download.
Each file is a 3rd order, 16 channel AmbiX file, mixed for 2D (X and Y planes, without Z). This means there is no height information encoded, hence some ‘empty’ channels.
This simple demo of GASP’s Guitarpeggiator is intended to be heard over a circle of loudspeakers or encoded to binaural for listening over headphones.
Each file may heard individually, or alternatively, the three files may be loaded into your DAW and will synchronize together, you’ll be able to hear the original guitar chords, the guitarpeggiation effect with movement, and a mix of the two.

AmbiX chords (mono, in the centre of the sound field)

[download link here to ‘AmbiX chords’]

AmbiX guitarpeggiator (individual string arpeggiations moving around the listener)

[download link here to ‘AmbiX guitarpeggiator’]

AmbiX guitarpeggiator and chords (a mix of both above)

[download link here to ‘AmbiX guitarpeggiator and chords’]

It should all work!

Please let me know if you have any issues downloading or listening to this, or any questions or comments about Guitarpeggiator. This is a very simple example, and things can get really interesting when playing in a syncopated manner where the guitarists performance interacts with the arpeggiation patterns in real time. Thanks for reading!

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