Welcome to the GASP project, here’s an overview:

A one-minute video here: https://twitter.com/DerbyUniPress/status/1265644381173882881

An example track here: https://hoast.iem.at/play/cat_fantastic_o3

Another one here: https://hoast.iem.at/play/pale_aura_o2

A more detailed insight here: https://youtu.be/IiDcWAm31EA?t=5822

GASP is ‘Guitars with Ambisonic Spatial Performance’

The project is the design, realization, and application of a spatial-audio guitar production system; it is aimed towards guitarists, music producers and spatial-audio sound designers.

GASP is an ongoing University of Derby research project, where our interest in Ambisonic algorithmic research and guitar sound production is combined with off-the-shelf hardware and bespoke software to create an Ambisonic based immersive guitar sound system.

Applications include:

  • Live performance as an immersive spatial sound instrument, either as a solo instrument or as part of an ensemble, for both small or large format theatre or concert systems
  • Audio post-production immersive sound for on-line spatial audio applications such as YouTube and Facebook 360, including Virtual Reality applications
  • Guitar performance analysis and tuition tool, where on-screen displays enable identification of notation and performance artefacts which provide feedback to the player
  • A research tool for performative applications, with significant potential for use in the Sound Arts world

Do get in touch if this project is of interest, particularly if:

  • you have an interest in the design and development of audio plugins, or
  • you are a guitarist interested in achieving a spatial-audio immersive guitar sound, or
  • you are a spatial-audio sound designer for 360 applications, or
  • you are a music producer with an interest in spatial-audio production, or
  • you just want to make a connection with the project…

Thanks for reading

Duncan Werner

April 2020

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