The information below relates to the 21st Century Guitar online conference in Lisbon, Portugal, March 2021: An Immersive Guitar System GASP presentation:

Clip 54: Rotating Swelling Circle Alternates (aka 1,3,5 clockwise, 2,4,6 anticlockwise, spread oscillating): Same as clip 50, however Strings 1,3,5 rotating clockwise and Strings 2,4,6 rotating anticlockwise

Clip 55: Rotating Swelling Dipping Circle Alternates (aka 1,3,5 clockwise, 2,4,6 anticlockwise, Spread oscillating, Distance oscillating), Same as clip 52, but with alternating directions of strings

Clip 56: Wide off-set Stepped Circle (aka Stepping clockwise, Wide Spread): Same as clip 44 but with off-set angles on adjacent strings, 90°stereo spread (45° L to R)

Clip 57: Ping Pong Left-Right: All strings switching movement together, alternating left-right, 45° spread

Clip 58: LR X Ping Pong: as Clip 57, but with alternate strings, opposite switching, String 1,3,5 opposite 2,4,6

Clip 59: LR X Ping Pong wave: as Clip 57, but with Distance parameter applied, giving ‘wave’ effect

Clip 60: Star Ping pong Wave: pairs of strings offset by 45°, with 45° spread, and moving Distance

Clip 70: Max Spread 180°, All strings with 180° spread, rotating with 45° angular offset, Spatial Tempo enabled

Clip 71: Circumferential rotation comparison

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